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  • Hadeswap and Streamflow Collaborate to Develop Innovative Non-linear Vesting Solution
    Incentivizing the stakeholders to retain their token holdings is an ongoing challenge. However, Hades presented a unique solution that we had not previously offered: Non-linear vesting contracts. The underlying concept is to promote long-term holding and, depending on the user’s decision to hold or withdraw, the vesting period could be shortened or extended.
  • How Streamflow is Redefining Salaries with Payment Streams
    Web3 technology and decentralized applications (dApps) like Streamflow have revolutionized the way payments are made by introducing the concept of payment streaming. With payment streaming, employees can now receive instant and continuous payments throughout each pay period, eliminating the need for multiple transactions.
  • Disrupting Remittances: The Impact of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain
    Remittances refer to the transfer of funds from migrant workers to their families and communities back home. The economies of many developing countries depend on these transactions, as it provides millions of households abroad the much needed financial support. This, in turn, contributes to the GDP of the countries that embrace them. It’s not just about the families and communities, though. With the increase in global migration, remittances are becoming an essential component of the international monetary system that sculpts economic progress, social well-being, and the ever-expanding financial inclusivity.
  • Grape Protocol Integrates with Streamflow to Bring Streaming Data to Decentralized Platform
    Streamflow is excited to announce its partnership with Grape Protocol to integrate payment stream data on the Grape Protocol platform. With Grape Protocol, users can connect their social accounts to blockchain addresses, enabling communities to offer exclusive cross-platform benefits to their members. This integration enables users to conveniently access and manage their Streamflow payment streams through the Grape Protocol dashboard.
  • Streamflow Releases Open-source Tool for Finding Forks on Solana
    Recently, while we were analyzing competitor programs on Solana we were having trouble finding forks in order to fully gauge their token vesting usage. So, we put our heads together to build a tool that can analyze the Solana chain and search for plausible forks when given a program ID.
  • The ‘Real-yield’ Narrative Explained
    Profitability is a critical factor in decentralized finance (DeFi), as it governs the incentives and rewards for utilizing or staking within a protocol. Within DeFi communities, the concept of “real-yield” is gaining traction as users aim to optimize their returns and mitigate the eroding impacts of inflation.
  • The Future of GameFi Payments: Exploring the Streamflow SDK
    As developers create Web3 games, they require payment infrastructure to enable reward and distribution features for players, and our SDK offers the perfect solution. Our flexible SDK empowers developers to integrate value distribution mechanisms into their games, allowing for seamless rewards and incentive distribution for players. All the while, developers can effortlessly manage the distribution of those tokens.
  • Comparing DeFi and CeFi Payroll
    Payroll is an integral part of any business, and the way it’s managed can have a significant impact on the business’s overall performance. Traditionally payroll is handled in the realm of CeFi, where banks and other centralized authorities control and manage financial transactions. On the other hand, DeFi is a relatively new concept that seeks to replace centralized systems with decentralized ones that are transparent, cost-efficient and secure.
  • Aptopad Vests $APD Token Using Streamflow
    Aptopad is a decentralized launchpad on Aptos where projects can acquire liquidity from retail investors before launch. Aptopad offers customizable launch models, time periods, accepted token types, and auction algorithms. Aptopad required flexible and secure token vesting for the $APD token to distribute to compensate early investors and incentivize usage in the ecosystem. Using Streamflow, Aptopad locked 60% of the total $APD supply in contracts for vesting.
  • Web3 and Crypto Wallets: The Complete Guide to Digital Asset Storage
    Digital asset storage is important for anyone looking to grow their crypto portfolio and keep their assets safe. But before you make your first investment, you should know how to store cryptocurrencies. The process may seem straightforward: you get a software wallet and buy a crypto of your choice. There are, however, many factors that come into play to keep your assets safe and secure. In this guide, we’ll dive into how various types of digital wallets work and their associated uses.
  • Solana And The POH Architecture: A Technical Deep Dive
    The Solana network has emerged as one of the leading blockchain platforms in the market and is attracting the attention of developers, investors, and businesses alike. Solana is a high-performance blockchain platform designed to provide scalability and security for decentralized applications and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions including GameFi projects, payment infrastructure, and cloud storage. In this article, we’ll dive into the Solana network and explore its key features, how it works, and its potential impact on the future of blockchain technology.
  • Five Reasons to Start Using Crypto Treasury Management
    Treasury management using cryptocurrencies offers users a secure and efficient way to manage team finances. Through Crypto treasury management, users can store their funds on-chain gated by a Multi-signature Wallet, Instead of holding team funds using centralized solutions like TradFi banks or a Centralized exchange (CEX).
  • Aptos Welcomes Streamflow as its First Token Distribution Platform
    Streamflow is integrating with Aptos, a next-generation L1 solution, to equip Aptos-native projects with streaming payments, and token distribution. Aptos launched less than six months ago (October 2022) and in such a short time has achieved ~2.9m user addresses, a full suite of internal tools, and has seen over 70 projects launch on the network. As new Aptos-native dApps are shipped, they require the infrastructure to distribute project tokens upon launch and compensate employees and Streamflow offers the perfect solution.
  • Tokenomics 101: Supply
    Tokenomics is the study of the supply and demand of tokens. Moreover, tokenomics is concerned with asset mechanics and their implications on adoption and future market prices. Designing sound tokenomics will set your project up for future growth while bad tokenomics will fail to incentivize the use of your platform.
  • Streamflow Gets Listed on DappRadar
    Streamflow is now listed on DappRadar, an app for dApp discovery and analytics, allowing users to view Streamflow data, including unique active wallets (UAW), transactions, and more. Streamflow’s app data is significant for power users and others looking to research the token distribution platform as token vesting, and digital payroll distribution continues to grow.
  • Stablecoins 101: Understanding the Basics of Digital Currency
    As the name implies, stablecoins are cryptocurrencies that aim to maintain a stable value. While Bitcoin and Ethereum —as well as the majority of other digital currencies— are known for their volatility, stablecoins are pegged to the value of a fiat currency, commodity, or another real-world asset for relative stability. In this guide, we’ll dive into the different types of stablecoins available, examine the risks and benefits, and discuss the current state of the market.
  • Understanding Decentralized Exchanges(DEXs): A Beginner’s Guide
    DEXs have become increasingly popular among individuals seeking a more secure and transparent way to trade digital assets. DEXs utilize the power of blockchain technology to facilitate trades and allow for the execution of financial transactions in a trustless and autonomous environment. Some of the most widely used DEXs, such as Uniswap and Sushiswap, are built on the Ethereum blockchain and are part of the expanding ecosystem of decentralized finance (DeFi) tools.
  • How to start a DAO on Solana: A Proposed Framework
    f you’re starting an organization in web3, chances are you have a lot of questions: How can a startup work directly with investors on a global level? Are there ways not to sacrifice transparency? That’s where DAOs come into play. By setting up a DAO you can create an organization where communities have collective ownership of a particular blockchain project. Each person focuses on what they do best and trusts that everyone else is doing the same. There are many types of DAOs and the beauty of them is that they can be pretty much anything —structurally— and it’s not just about revenue. The possibilities are endless.
  • 2022 in Review: Streamflow Integrations
    Streamflow integrated with some of Solana’s most prominent decentralized apps (dApps) in 2022. DApps ranging from DAO tooling to GameFi projects have leaned to Streamflow for its financial primitive — the ability to program and distribute value via payment streams.
  • BONK, Solana’s doge-themed community coin, utilizes Streamflow for token vesting
    BONK’s purpose is to empower the Solana community by distributing tokens in a manner that gives the most value to Solana users. Half of the 100 trillion token supply was airdropped for free to the community, favoring Solana NFT holders, artists, and developers. Of the remaining 50%, 20% of BONK tokens are vested linearly using Streamflow to prevent massive unlocks and ensure tokens are introduced to the market fairly.
  • $BONK uses Streamflow for token vesting
    We’re pleased to announce a partnership with $BONK, Solana’s community coin taking the market by storm. $BONKs contributors were tired of harmful tokenomics favoring centralized entities, so they created $BONK to empower the Solana community and bring utility to the average user.
  • Genopets integrates with Streamflow for vested airdrop claim portal
    We are pleased to announce our partnership with Genopets, a […]
  • Solana DAO Tooling Guide
    With the recent rise of DAOs, there’s a need for solutions that meet the ever-growing list of challenges; that’s where a suite of customized DAO tools comes into play. Though DAOs have been around for less than a decade the DAO tooling ecosystem has come a long way. From collective treasury management to data science and smart contract development, there are various protocols and tools that make DAOs’ lives easier.
  • Streamflow Enables Support For WalletConnect
    Most Web3 transactions are carried out by browser-based wallets but the current selection of browser-based wallets is limited, which deters certain users from accessing DeFi dApps. Today, we’re excited to announce that Streamflow is now compatible with WalletConnect, the decentralized protocol that connects crypto wallets to Web3 dApps. This integration allows us to expand, and offer our services to millions of users.
  • The Definitive Guide to Decentralized Finance
    In the past, people have always used centralized finance (CeFi), in which a central authority regulates the flow of money. These central authorities hold the ability to change any policy to suit them, rendering people powerless. For instance, in many places, banks determine how much money you can move around or what currencies you can use.
  • Everything You Need To Know About DAOs on Solana
    With the genesis of Web3 comes a new way for organizations to govern themselves while bestowing power to community members. Enter, the DAO. beginning in 2016, DAOs have been used to manage funds, and establish community-driven organizations for Web3 projects.
  • TVL Dashboard is Live | View Streamflow Token Vesting TVL via Datawisp
    In Q2 2022, we became market leaders in token vesting —accumulating a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $1 Billion. To track this data we enlisted the help of Datawisp, an intuitive data aggregation tool. Tracking accurate data from multiple sources on the blockchain has always proved to be a challenge, but with Datawisp we were able to accurately collect and compile data into a unified dashboard —featuring some small visualizations.
  • Streamflow Launches Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat Off-ramp Solution
    Transferring crypto to fiat currency has been a longstanding issue for the crypto community as a whole, but thanks to Streamflows latest integration, users can convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. Users can now store funds in Streamflow and off-ramp USDC —and SOL which is converted to USDC— to their bank account (currently limited to the U.S.). This integration is initially opened to only a few participants via a closed beta.
  • Token Vesting | The Definitive Guide
    In recent years, there has been an emergence of DAOs and blockchain projects releasing tokens. As more and more projects launch, it’s apparent that successful projects exercise sound token vesting practices.
  • Tulip Protocol Vests $TULIP Token using Streamflow
    Tulip Protocol is vesting its $TULIP token using Streamflows Vesting app. Tulip Protocol has tapped into Streamflows Token Distribution Platform to distribute their governance token to their contributors, investors, and the community.
  • Introducing Streamflow’s Multi-signature Wallet App
    Multi-signature Wallets help to decrease the chances of hacks and exploits. To distribute funds from a Multisig Wallet, a member creates a proposal, and other members must use their private keys/signatures to vote and approve the proposal. This method increases security by spreading the authorization process for transactions among multiple people.
  • Welcome to Streamflow
    The crypto market is growing rapidly, expecting to be worth $218.3 Billion by 2030. With crypto’s rapid expansion comes the need for financial tools that power teams and projects operating in Web3. Teams need to be able to set up vesting schedules for investors, establish on-chain treasuries, and set up payroll, among other tasks. The Solana blockchain’s low-cost, high speed network provides the perfect environment for doing so, and Streamflow has taken advantage of this to enable automated payments.
  • Streamflow Raises $3.1 Million in Seed Round
    Streamflow is excited to announce a $3.1M seed round led by Jump Crypto with participation from Solana Ventures, GBV, Hypersphere, IVC, Genblock Capital, AngelDAO, Paribus Ventures, T3E, AmberGroup, Solidity Ventures, Ratio Finance, Huobi Ventures and MEXc Labs.