Jungle DeFi Vests $JFI Token using Streamflow


Jungle Finance is vesting its $JFI governance tokens using Streamflow.

Jungle Finances, $JFI, has a total supply of 10,000,000 (Ten Million) and they’re vesting their token supply according to the following allocations:

Vesting GroupAllocation
Founders10% (1,000,000 $JFI)
Treasury5% (500,000 $JFI)
Seed Round Investors10% (1,000,000 $JFI)
Airdrop10% (1,000,000 $JFI)
Farm Rewards65% (6,500,000 $JFI)
Jungle DeFi vesting groups

About Jungle DeFi

Jungle Finance is a DeFi primitive, innovating a new form of liquid staking on Solana! Traditionally, liquid staking returns users a single receipt token representing their staked assets and rewards. With their receipt tokens, users can deposit them into other DeFi Protocols to gain even greater yields.

Jungle Finance enhances this strategy by returning users two tokens that represent:

  1. Accrued staking rewards (I tokens)
  2. Ownership of the base asset (J tokens)

Splitting the receipt token essentially gives users ‘DeFi Legos’- creating endless yield opportunities! Users can choose to hold I tokens or J tokens, or both.

We are excited to work with the Jungle Finance team as they are truly passionate about simplifying and optimizing the DeFi experience for retail investors.

You can learn more about Jungle Finance here.

To learn more, visit Streamflow.finance/vesting

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