Grape Protocol Integrates with Streamflow to Bring Streaming Data to Decentralized Platform

Streamflow is excited to announce its partnership with Grape Protocol to integrate payment stream data on the Grape Protocol platform. With Grape Protocol, users can connect their social accounts to blockchain addresses, enabling communities to offer exclusive cross-platform benefits to their members. This integration enables users to conveniently access and manage their Streamflow payment streams through the Grape Protocol dashboard.

Aptopad Vests $APD Token Using Streamflow

Aptopad is a decentralized launchpad on Aptos where projects can acquire liquidity from retail investors before launch. Aptopad offers customizable launch models, time periods, accepted token types, and auction algorithms. Aptopad required flexible and secure token vesting for the $APD token to distribute to compensate early investors and incentivize usage in the ecosystem. Using Streamflow, Aptopad locked 60% of the total $APD supply in contracts for vesting.

Aptos Welcomes Streamflow as its First Token Distribution Platform

Streamflow is integrating with Aptos, a next-generation L1 solution, to equip Aptos-native projects with streaming payments, and token distribution. Aptos launched less than six months ago (October 2022) and in such a short time has achieved ~2.9m user addresses, a full suite of internal tools, and has seen over 70 projects launch on the network. As new Aptos-native dApps are shipped, they require the infrastructure to distribute project tokens upon launch and compensate employees and Streamflow offers the perfect solution.

Streamflow Gets Listed on DappRadar

Streamflow is now listed on DappRadar, an app for dApp discovery and analytics, allowing users to view Streamflow data, including unique active wallets (UAW), transactions, and more. Streamflow’s app data is significant for power users and others looking to research the token distribution platform as token vesting, and digital payroll distribution continues to grow.

BONK, Solana’s doge-themed community coin, utilizes Streamflow for token vesting

BONK’s purpose is to empower the Solana community by distributing tokens in a manner that gives the most value to Solana users. Half of the 100 trillion token supply was airdropped for free to the community, favoring Solana NFT holders, artists, and developers. Of the remaining 50%, 20% of BONK tokens are vested linearly using Streamflow to prevent massive unlocks and ensure tokens are introduced to the market fairly.

$BONK uses Streamflow for token vesting

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with $BONK, Solana’s community coin taking the market by storm. $BONKs contributors were tired of harmful tokenomics favoring centralized entities, so they created $BONK to empower the Solana community and bring utility to the average user.

Genopets integrates with Streamflow for vested airdrop claim portal

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Genopets, a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that rewards living an active lifestyle. Move-to-earn gaming takes the best aspects of move-to-play and play-to-earn to reward the most active users. As Genopets users walk throughout the day, their digital avatar treks through the Genoverse. In the background, Genopets …

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Streamflow Enables Support For WalletConnect

Most Web3 transactions are carried out by browser-based wallets but the current selection of browser-based wallets is limited, which deters certain users from accessing DeFi dApps. Today, we’re excited to announce that Streamflow is now compatible with WalletConnect, the decentralized protocol that connects crypto wallets to Web3 dApps. This integration allows us to expand, and offer our services to millions of users.

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