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TVL Dashboard is Live | View Streamflow Token Vesting TVL via Datawisp

In Q2 2022, we became market leaders in token vesting —accumulating a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $1 Billion. To track this data we enlisted the help of Datawisp, an intuitive data aggregation tool. Tracking accurate data from multiple sources on the blockchain has always proved to be a challenge, but with Datawisp we were able to accurately collect and compile data into a unified dashboard —featuring some small visualizations.

Streamflow Launches Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat Off-ramp Solution

Transferring crypto to fiat currency has been a longstanding issue for the crypto community as a whole, but thanks to Streamflows latest integration, users can convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency. Users can now store funds in Streamflow and off-ramp USDC —and SOL which is converted to USDC— to their bank account (currently limited to the U.S.). This integration is initially opened to only a few participants via a closed beta.

Welcome to Streamflow

The crypto market is growing rapidly, expecting to be worth $218.3 Billion by 2030. With crypto’s rapid expansion comes the need for financial tools that power teams and projects operating in Web3. Teams need to be able to set up vesting schedules for investors, establish on-chain treasuries, and set up payroll, among other tasks. The Solana blockchain's low-cost, high speed network provides the perfect environment for doing so, and Streamflow has taken advantage of this to enable automated payments.