$BONK uses Streamflow for token vesting


We’re pleased to announce a partnership with $BONK, Solana’s community coin taking the market by storm. $BONKs contributors were tired of harmful tokenomics favoring centralized entities, so they created $BONK to empower the Solana community and bring utility to the average user. 50% of the $BONK total supply was airdropped to the Solana community in the following allocations:

  • 20% to Solana nft collections, comprised of 297,000 individual nfts
  • 15% to early openbook traders
  • 10% to Solana artists & collectors
  • 5% to Solana developers

Of the remaining 50%, 20% is distributed to 22 early contributors on a 3-year linear vesting schedule using Streamflow. Vesting for early contributors began on 12/31/2022. 

A further 5% are distributed to contributors actively handling the day-to-day operations. Vesting for these contributors starts on 06/30/2023, representing a cliff of six months, and a 3-year linear vesting schedule thereafter.

Another 15% are set aside to serve as the treasury for BonkDAO.

From the final 10%, 5% were used to provide initial liquidity and another 5% are set aside to serve as the marketing budget.

We’ve created a dashboard to track the $BONK distributions here.

Users interested in holding $BONK can swap it on Jupiter, and provide liquidity on Orca. By taking these steps, $BONK has reinvigorated the Solana community and brought back good vibes in the middle of a bear market.

You can learn more about $BONK here.

To learn more, visit Streamflow.finance/vesting 

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