BONK, Solana’s doge-themed community coin, utilizes Streamflow for token vesting


BONK, Solana’s doge-themed community coin, is being vested linearly using Streamflow, Solana’s leading token distribution platform.

BONK‘s purpose is to empower the Solana community by distributing tokens in a manner that gives the most value to Solana users. Half of the 100 trillion token supply was airdropped for free to the community, favoring Solana NFT holders, artists, and developers. Of the remaining 50%, 20% of BONK tokens are vested linearly using Streamflow to prevent massive unlocks and ensure tokens are introduced to the market fairly.

The remaining BONK tokens are subject to the following allocations:

  • 20% distributed to 22 early contributors on a 3-year linear vesting schedule, using streamflow, that began 12/31/2022
  • 15% for the treasury for “BonkDAO”
  • 5% for initial liquidity
  • 5% for the marketing budget
  • 5% for the “team” (These tokens were recently burned to decrease the total supply)

We’ve created a dashboard to track the BONK vesting here.

BONK token has seen its Daily Active Users rise steadily since its launch. Similarly, Solana has seen a recent spike in its daily active users over the past week.

Chart indicating BONK’s daily active user growth. Source: Dune Analytics.

Chart indicating Solana’s daily active user growth. Source: Dune Analytics.

Daily active users measure the user activity associated with a blockchain or cryptocurrency. Higher values represent rising interest and adoption in the overall market. Despite Solana’s recent woes, BONK has managed to reinvigorate the Solana community and stimulate the use of the Solana blockchain in the middle of a bear market.

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