Streamflow Launches Cryptocurrency-to-Fiat Off-ramp Solution

Transferring crypto to fiat currency has been a longstanding issue for the crypto community as a whole, but thanks to Streamflow’s latest integration, users can now convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency using Streamflow (currently limited to the U.S.). Streamflow’s Cryptocurrency-to-fiat off-ramp allow users to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat and deposit the funds in their bank account in one transaction.

Closed Beta

This integration is initially opened to a few participants via a closed beta. Users that receive their salary in USDC via Streamflow payment streams, can withdraw their money to their bank account directly from the Streamflow dashboard. Similarly, any user can swap token’s for USDC and use Streamflow to off-ramp funds.

To learn more, visit the Streamflow blog

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