TVL Dashboard is Live | View Streamflow Token Vesting TVL via Datawisp

In Q2 2022 we became market leaders in token vesting —accumulating a Total Value Locked (TVL) of over $1 Billion. To track this data we enlisted the help of Datawisp, an intuitive data aggregation tool. Datawisp allowed us to track data from multiple sources on the Solana blockchain —which has always proved to be a challenge.

Like all other aspects of the blockchain, we seek to maintain transparency and provide access to our stats at all times. So we’ve made our Datawisp TVL dashboard public so our users, investors, and partners can keep up with our progress as we maintain our status as leaders in token vesting. Within the dashboard, users can view our TVL Month-over-Month and see all the teams vesting tokens using Streamflow.

You can view our Datawisp dashboard here.

What is Datawisp?

Datawisp is an advanced analytics platform empowering users to effortlessly generate insightful dashboards for tracking blockchain data. These Datawisp sheets can be readily shared among teams, facilitating seamless collaboration, problem-solving, and knowledge sharing. Moreover, it offers a versatile API enabling you to export your Datawisp analyses to your organization’s websites and applications. This allows for dynamic functionalities such as creating in-game leaderboards, exporting wallet addresses for whitelist purposes, and much more.

To learn more, read our Datawisp case-study

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