The Future of GameFi Payments: Exploring the Streamflow SDK

As developers create Web3 games, they require payment infrastructure to enable reward and distribution features for players, and our SDK offers the perfect solution. Our flexible SDK empowers developers to integrate value distribution mechanisms into their games, allowing for seamless rewards and incentive distribution for players. All the while, developers can effortlessly manage the distribution of those tokens.

In the next section, we’ll examine some of the features that the Streamflow SDK enables for GameFi.

Vested Airdrop Claim Portal

With our SDK, you can create custom claim portals, making the process of claiming vested airdrops more efficient and streamlined. Unlike traditional airdrops, vested airdrops, let you vest tokens progressively to recipients, ensuring that they receive their tokens over time, rather than all at once.

You can customize your distribution schedule and set cliffs — a period of time before funds begin vesting— giving you complete control over your token distribution. We also offer support for over 250 tokens and counting.


Genopets is a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that rewards living an active lifestyle. Genopets has integrated with our SDK to create a cost-effective claim portal for its community. Users scheduled for vested airdrops can claim their $GENE allocation directly from Genopets’ platform.

NFT Rewards

If your GameFi ecosystem includes NFTs, you know that distributing them can be a time-consuming process. However, using our SDK, you can send NFTs to multiple community members in a matter of minutes, making the process faster and more efficient.

Once the NFTs are distributed, you can take your NFT rewards to the next level by using our SDK to stream tokens to select NFT holders. This allows you to reward your most dedicated players and incentivize them to continue playing and engaging with your game or platform.

Rewards Triggered by In-game Achievements

GameFi projects can allow players to earn tokens by completing in-game tasks, leveling up, and achieving milestones, with our SDK.

For example, you can allow players to compete in in-game competitions that reward winners with up-front tokens or vested tokens — to diffuse the rate of inflation. And with full access to metadata, you can keep track of every transaction for easy accounting.

Payroll For the Core Team

Streamflow presents the perfect opportunity for on-chain payroll for your core team. Using Streamflow, teams can set up payroll cost-effectively and automate real-time payments, resulting in reduced payroll expenses and increased employee satisfaction. Our batch payments creation feature also allows you to set up payroll for your entire team in a matter of minutes —saving time for what’s important.


Streamflow enables developers to seamlessly integrate value distribution mechanisms into their games, allowing for seamless rewards and incentive distribution for players while managing the distribution of those tokens effortlessly. Overall, the Streamflow SDK offers an efficient and cost-effective payment infrastructure for GameFi projects.

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