2022 in Review: Streamflow Integrations

Streamflow integrated with some of Solana’s most prominent decentralized apps (dApps) in 2022. DApps ranging from DAO tooling to GameFi projects have leaned to Streamflow for its financial primitive — the ability to program and distribute value via payment streams. Here’s a list of a few of Streamflow’s most notable integrations from the past year:


Realms allows anyone to spin up a fully-functioning DAO in a matter of minutes and take advantage of its collaborative features. As the front-end for SPL Governance, Realms serves as the point of assembly for DAOs within the Solana ecosystem, offering DAOs the ability to recognize members through tokens and create member proposals.

Streamflow integrated with Realms to allow DAOs to initiate payments based on member proposals. When users create a proposal, the creator can set up a payment stream that will trigger if the proposal passes. This integration enables DAOs to associate value and payouts with member proposals.

Grape Protocol

Grape Protocol is a decentralized social networking protocol designed to create, reward, and secure any Solana-based community. Grape allows you to access your tokens and NFTs through their dashboard for easy accounting. Furthermore, users can link their social identity using their Twitter or Discord ID with Grape to co-mingle their social presence and on-chain identity. Grape offers a better way for DAOs to organize and coordinate their tokenized communities.

Streamflow partnered with Grape to display streaming information within Grape’s dashboard. This integration allows Streamflow users to access their stream history —including incoming, outgoing, and completed payment streams— while using Grape. Many Grape users use Streamflow to send payments, so adding streaming data to Grape protocol was well-needed.


Squads is a Multi-signature Wallet protocol. Multi-signature Wallets require the approval of multiple members to make transactions, which increases the security of funds. DAOs can use Squads to deposit tokens and NFTs and collectively approve transactions.

Streamflow integrated with Squads protocol —using its SDK— to build the Streamflow Multisig Wallet app. This integration lends the stability and security of Squad’s Multisig infrastructure to Streamflow’s Multisig app.

Streamflow’s Multisig app is also cross-compatible with Squads allowing Streamflow users to access their Multisig Wallet from the Squads dashboard. Alternatively, users who create a Multisig Wallet with Squads can access their wallet using Streamflow’s Multisig app —and dashboard— to send Vesting and Payment Streams.


Genopets is a Free-to-Play, Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that rewards users for physical activity. As Genopets users walk throughout the day, Genopets uses the pedometer on their smartphone to track their physical activity and award users with crypto.

Genopets chose our SDK to create a cost-effective claim portal for its community. Genopets users scheduled for vested airdrops can claim their tokens directly from Genopets’ app.

Streamflow is looking to cement more integrations in the coming future within the Solana community, as well as, Aptos.

To learn more, visit streamflow.finance/js-sdk/

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