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  • Streamflow is a secure, and powerful token distribution platform offering token vesting, and payroll to Web3 teams

The crypto market is growing rapidly, expecting to be worth $218.3 Billion by 2030. With crypto’s rapid expansion comes the need for financial tools that power projects and teams operating in Web3. Enter, Streamflow. Streamflow allows users to set up vesting schedules for investors, establish on-chain treasuries, and set up payroll, among other tasks.

Streamflow Product-suite

Streamflow is a Token Distribution Platform providing teams with the necessary tools to manage their treasury and distribute value with ease. Our current suite of tools includes:

  1. Token Vesting — Users can vest tokens to contributors, and stakeholders according to a vesting schedule using our Token Vesting app
  2. Payment Streaming — With our Payment Streaming app users can set up recurring payments to employees and contractors
  3. Multi-signature Wallet — Users can create a Multi-signature Wallet to establish an on-chain treasury to store funds and distribute them when needed

Our Token Distribution Platform is the one-stop shop for teams to handle their finances efficiently. Managing your teams’ finances using Streamflow is:

  • Low-cost — Token streaming only requires one transaction, diminishing the need for recurring payments. There’s no need for gas or any further transactions by the sender or receiver
  • Fast — Solana has a slot time of 400 milliseconds and is currently processing 2,123 Transactions per second (TPS) at the time of writing this
  • Transparent — Token Streaming details are accessible to both parties, and all transactions are verifiable on the Solana blockchain explorer
  • Trustless — No bank account is required. The sender and receiver only require SPL wallets.
  • Secure — Streamflow is fully audited

Our app is also fully composable; Devs can create new use cases for Streamflow via our SDK and integrate the functions of our Token Distribution Platform within their Decentralized apps (dApps). Streamflow is providing much-needed payment infrastructure for investors, users, and builders.

To learn more, visit Streamflow.finance/products

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