Xandeum integrates Streamflow’s Rust SDK to reward node Operators

Xandeum, an L1 storage solution, has integrated Streamflow’s Software Developer Kit (SDK) to automate the distribution of $XAND rewards to Node operators. This integration allows users that run nodes – to support the Xandeum network – to receive $XAND rewards in exchange for computing power.

Xandeums integration with the Streamflow SDK ensures node operators receive regular $XAND emissions while ensuring node operators are aligned with the project’s long-term success through linear vesting of the $XAND rewards. This integration has also saved Xandeum developers time by eliminating the need for manual distribution setup.

Rust SDK integration

Xandeum sought to incorporate Streamflow’s Rust SDK into its existing systems, aiming to infuse streaming capabilities into its native Solana forked app. Initially, Streamflow provided support exclusively for anchor versions 0.23.0 and 0.28.0. Recognizing Xandeum’s needs, Streamflow developers promptly extended their support to include anchor version 0.25.0, ensuring a seamless integration process for Xandeum without any disruptions.

Following the successful integration, Xandeum established a system enabling node operators to initiate the acquisition of an initial amount of $XAND tokens directly from its website. Simultaneously, they implemented a linear vesting contract mechanism for the remaining $XAND rewards after the initial harvest.

This integration facilitates consistent $XAND emissions for node operators, aligning their incentives with the project’s long-term success. It also eliminates the necessity for manual distribution setup, thereby conserving crucial development time.

About Streamflow

Streamflow is a pioneering token operations platform empowering organizations to streamline fund distribution with unparalleled efficiency. Through Streamflow, teams gain the ability to automate vesting schedules, create airdrops, and integrate our Software Developer Kit (SDK) for tailor-made solutions.

Website: https://streamflow.finance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/streamflow_fi

Discord: https://discord.gg/streamflow-851921970169511976

Documentation: https://docs.streamflow.finance

About Xandeum

Xandeum is a blockchain-based platform that combines the functionality of validators and storage nodes to create a decentralized and efficient storage solution. The primary tasks of Nodes within Xandeum include validating storage operations (Create/Read/Update/Delete), ensuring proper storage in storage nodes through periodic challenges, providing signatures and proofs for interactions with Solana, and facilitating interoperability by reading and writing Solana accounts.

Website: https://xandeum.com/

Documentation: https://docs.xandeum.com/

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